Who is Realistic Industries?

2014-09-06 20.30.01Realistic Industries is a multimedia web based entertainment company that manifested out of a record label that was founded in 1995. At the time the label was founded, the music business was going through some drastic changes, and we felt that being limited in our scope and focus solely to music, would quickly find us pigeonholed and obsolete.

We are committed to the original tenets of true journalism and not biased by the needs of our advertisers, the opinions of our readers or the views of our staff. We strive to bring you the truth unlike the gaudy, yellow journalistic, mudslinging right wingers of The Onion or the banal, self righteous, hippy love children of the Huffington Post. You can keep up with current events located in our Blog and stay updated on every new post in the What’s New section.

We will not push guns or drugs on your children. All of our reports come from the most reliable of sources on 2014-09-12 00.07.59television and across the internet. We do not get out much so there is no benefit to us in delivering anything to you but the cold hard truth. The cold hard truth is all you’ll get from the prophetic teller of “like it is” Scott “The Rabid Underdog” Fabrizio.

The Reverend Cooperstone Badge contributes in Badge’s Blog whenever he and his Church of Holy Rollers are out of the studio or not out on tour saving the immortal soul of Rock & Roll from being swallowed whole by an evil empire that hates music and despises freedom.

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