Count Down Too Star Wars Day 2: The Force Unleashed II


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

One man does the second installment in to the count down when he sees star wars on Friday.

Very disappointed because how much he loved the original this game was a sequel too. But in the words if Obi-wan “we shall all be challenged”.

This is the example of the butchering of what could have been a great star wars game and it will be brought to light, so go shall we?


The game takes place approximately six months after the events of the first game, and a year before Star WarsThe Force Unleashed II is described as the “dark entry” in the series, and a more personal story for the game’s protagonist than the first game.

Players control Starkiller’s renegade clone, a failure of Darth Vader’s attempt to create a perfect secret apprentice. After a vision that Darth Vader will kill him due to his inability to kill a test droid, the clone escapes from captivity on Kamino. After eliminating his stormtrooper captors, Starkiller embarks on a quest to understand his identity and to find his template’s love interest from the first game, Juno Eclipse. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has hired Boba Fett to track down Juno Eclipse to lure Starkiller out of hiding. Starkiller rescues Jedi Master Rahm Kota from a gladiatorial arena, and encounters Yoda on Dagobah.After encountering strange visions on Dagobah, Starkiller rushes to Juno’s ship, only to arrive just as Boba captures her.

With help from Kota, the Rebels launch an all-out assault on Kamino. Starkiller crashes a ship into the planet’s shield, allowing Kota to stage a ground assault, while he goes after Juno. In a confrontation with Vader, Juno is thrown out of a window, crashing to the ground. Starkiller, thinking Juno is dead, attacks Vader viciously, cutting off his hand and defeating him. Kota arrives with his men, and tells Starkiller not to kill Vader: he wants to interrogate the Sith Lord for the Empire’s secrets, then put him on trial, and then later execute him.

Alternate endings:

As in the first game, this allows the player to choose either the light path or the dark path:

  1. If the player chooses the dark side, Starkiller raises his saber to kill Vader, only to be stabbed by a shrouded figure who uncloaks behind him. Kota attacks the figure, but is driven back and force pushed over the edge with numerous troops. As the figure removes his cowl, Vader tells the dying Starkiller he lied when he said the cloning process had not been perfected, revealing the figure to be a dark, perfect clone. Starkiller takes one last look at Juno’s corpse and dies. Vader instructs the kneeling clone to take Starkiller’s ship and kill the remaining leaders of the Rebel Alliance.
  2. If the player chooses the light side, Starkiller lowers his blade and allows Kota’s men to capture Vader. Starkiller discovers Juno survived the fall, they kiss, and the two travel into hyperspace together aboard the Rogue Shadow, taking Vader prisoner. Starkiller confronts Vader again saying that because he made the conscious choice, of his own free will, to spare Vader’s life, he is finally free of the Dark Lord’s control. Vader’s response is that as long as Juno lives, Vader will always have control over him. Unknown to Starkiller and Juno, Boba Fett pursues in his spacecraft.


Downloadable content released in December 2010 expands on the Darkside ending, with Starkiller’s clone participating in the Battle of Endor in which the remnants of the Rebel Alliance desperately attack Endor in the hopes of destroying the Death Star II. The dark Starkiller is sent to eliminate the threat and kills Ewoks and Rebels (including Han Solo and Chewbacca) in the process. Eventually he finds Princess Leia Organa, who is revealed to be a Jedi, waiting for him and duels her. Starkiller succeeds in killing her. Meanwhile, the Emperor scolds Vader for creating the dark copy of his failed apprentice and subdues him with Force Lightning (calling him Skywalker). The Emperor then orders Captain Sarkli to kill the dark Starkiller.

Also a few dlc skins for a version of George lucas main character Benek Starkiller from the first draft of Star Wars. And a really welldone hybrid clone of Darth Maul and Starkiller called Maulkiller.


Gameplay remained largely unchanged except for a much faster pace, which led to some more difficulties for say the casual gamer. More combo like attacks of either saber strikes and force power added to accommodate the new dual wielding lightsaber style (which we REALLY liked). Then their was the best example of the famous “MIND TRICK” force power we’ve ever seen in ANY star wars game (the kind we personally dreamed of by the way). You can make enemies literally commit suicide. This can be done by using mind trick to make them think “their life is a lie” or that “they are a rebel spy” or our favorite “Your squad is going to kill you”. Done correctly they will even assist you with fighting the remaining enemies.

Marketing Campaign:

The marketing for this game was simply brilliant, first off there were dozens of commercials everywhere on TV. But their was also a count down mini game on the Lucas Arts website where you saw things from the perceptive of one of the Starkiller clones, and each day you could do something new like claw at the clone tank, shout, and crack the tank with force chokes sometimes Darth Vader even talked to you as well. It really built up hype for the game.


Oh god the problems with this game…

The illusion of success- The Force Unleashed II performed under expectations. In the United States, it sold 500,000 copies within its first two weeks, thereby becoming the fifth best-selling video game of October 2010. The Force Unleashed II was the fifth-highest selling game of the week in the United Kingdom, denoting sales of 56,064 copies. In Sweden, The Force Unleashed II was the third best-selling overall game of the week; the PlayStation 3 version of the game topped its respective chart, while the Xbox 360 version trailed behind Fable 3 as the second-best selling Xbox 360 game of the week

My words of anger escape me so heres only  a fraction from far better sources then I. Commentators were divided on The Force Unleashed II. The Wii version of the game was generally considered by reviewers to be the better version of the game, due to the significantly different storyline, extra levels and the addition of a multiplayer mode. (That is the exact FUCKING OPPOSITE OF THE FIRST GAME!!!!) This was an unusual occurrence, however most reviewers thought it was simply the most completed version of the game, and that the HD version was rushed, resulting in a less satisfactory product. The Observer columnist Toby Moses avouched that the game failed to live up to the expectations established by its predecessor. Alexander Sliwinski of Joystiq derided it as a “desperate cash grab”, which had no intentions of aspiring to be a “major part of lore or to be nearly as epic” asThe Force Unleashed.[61] “It simply cobbles together glorified fan fiction for what amounts to an unexceptional subplot as it abruptly ends in the second act screaming, ‘SEQUEL GOES HERE’,” remarked Sliwinski. Despite proclaiming that The Force Unleashed II had “dazzling” gameplay, The Washington Times ’​ journalist Joseph Szadkowski concluded that it was “one of the most underachieving games of the year”. In his 6.5 out of 10 rating review, Anthony Gallegos of IGN stated that The Force Unleashed II immediately captivates the audience with its visuals, albeit being plagued with repetitious gameplay, a “shoe-horned in story”, and a nonexistent depth “in the experience”. “Scenery is, of course, massive and massively impressive, and the possible repetitive nature has been broken up with some freefalling levels and the odd exploratory moment,” commented Neil Davey of The Guardian, who issued the game a four out of five stars.

Our Personal Problems with the game:

ITS TO SHORT!! The first Force Unleashed game if you did everything and had fun looking for everything was about 12 to 17 hours of gameplay. Force Unleashed II caps out at only 8 to 9 hours of possible gameplay doing all that. That is pathetic and not worth the price of the game.

Combat was made to easy!! They really dumbed down the combat system and made uneven in a LOT of spots, in this game. First off unlike in 1 you don’t need to watch your health and use strategy nope they shoe horn health EVERYWHERE by the bucket, your not going to feel any kind of challenge until the final vader fight, or when you have to fight the sith troopers. Oh god those sith troopers are ridiculously annoying first off they only like to attack from behind you, second they use stealth way to much , three their whispers are out right creepy, and four they move and twitch like addicts on steroids. Wrap all that up together into a big old pile of NOPE for combat.

Final Verdict

Do not get us wrong we don’t hate this series we LOVE The Force Unleashed…but it deserved a FAR better sequel then this. This was a rushed out the door, cash grab game that not enough thought, and work was put into. It was that kind of poor quality that killed the Force Unleashed series, because their was plans to make a third, but that came crashing down like the star destroyer in the first game after this terrible game. A fair and honest score for this game is 5.5/10 we want to say 6/10 but thats only because of our absolute love of the fist game.