Count Down Too Star Wars Day 4: Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords

(Be perfectly honest this is really more of just a continuation of the last review)


Introduction: “Hello meatbags it is most enjoyable to see you’ve returned for this meatbags review.”

Declaration: “Once again I am Assassin Droid HK-47 at the service of the meatbags at Game-Locke”

Statement: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

With his flawed little organic spirit restored one meatbag will finish what he started with the sequel to the best star wars game ever made.

Declaration: “Now come with this meatbag and see a prequel done correctly for the Star Wars series.”


The game takes place five years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic and 4,000 years before Episode I: The Phantom Menace, in a time when the Jedi have been nearly exterminated by the Sith.[15] The player’s character, a former Jedi Knight exiled from the Jedi Order, is referred to as “The Exile” or “Jedi Exile”. Throughout the game, the Exile restores their connection to the Force while, with the help of non-playable companions, trying to stop the Sith. The player makes choices that turn the Exile to either the light side or the dark side of the Force, and travels to six planets to either help or hinder the Republic’s efforts to bring peace and stability to the galaxy.

New playable locations in Knights of the Old Republic II include war-ravaged Telos, a Telos bunker and the orbiting Citadel Station, the port Iziz, Onderon and its jungle moon Dxun, Nar Shaddaa and Goto’s orbiting yacht, Peragus, the starships Harbinger and Ravager. Malachor V. Korriban and Dantooine from the original game are revisited, which are both now with ravaged buildings and intensified problems.[16] The Ebon Hawk, the main character’s ship in the first game, is also the player’s transportation in Knights of the Old Republic II.

While hiding on the Harbinger, a Republic cruiser, the Exile is sedated by HK-50, an assassin droid, to be delivered to a crime syndicate called the Exchange, who have put out a bounty on live Jedi. They are rescued by Kreia, with whom they form a Force Bond, and the droid T3-M4 on the Ebon Hawk, and flee the Harbinger as it is hijacked by a squad of Sith assassins. However, their ship is damaged by the Harbinger ’​s gunfire during escape, and they eventually arrive at the Peragus mining facility. Teaming up with smuggler Atton Rand, the group escapes to the planet Telos IV. While hiding out on Telos, they encounter Atris, a surviving member of the Jedi Council who sentenced the protagonist to exile ten years prior. After settling a dispute regarding the Exile’s past sentence, Atris forms an uneasy alliance with them, instructing them to seek out other surviving Jedi to combat the Sith. The Exile then travels to four worlds to find reclusive Jedi Masters and either begs their aid or kills them in revenge over their treatment, depending on player choice. As the Exile continues their journey, they meet several individuals that join them in their quest.

After finding all the Masters, the Exile travels back to Dantooine and learns that the countless deaths at Malachor V resulted in the Exile unconsciously giving up their connection to the Force, which then became the teachings of the new Sith. As the Masters feared that these teachings could result in the actual death of the Force, they prepare to strip the Exile of their Force connection permanently, but Kreia reveals herself to be the former leader of the Sith and murders them all in retribution. Tracking Kreia to Telos, the Exile fights and defeats a corrupted Atris, from whom they learn that Kreia plans to destroy the Force by strengthening a massive wound that the Exile had caused ten years ago during the Mandalorian Wars; when the Exile ordered the activation of the superweapon that ended the battle, thousands of simultaneous deaths ensued and subsequently caused a wound in the Force. Before following her to Malachor V, where Kreia had since rejoined the Sith as Darth Traya, the Exile stops a Sith invasion of Telos, defeating one of Traya’s former apprentices, the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus. On Malachor V, the Exile is separated from their companions and fights their way through the hordes of monsters that inhabit the planet’s surface, then through the inhabitants of a large Sith Academy that survived the cataclysm. On the final floor of the academy, the Exile kills the Sith Lord Darth Sion and confronts Darth Traya in the planet’s core.

The Exile defeats Traya who, before dying, delivers a prophetic vision of the future pertaining to the player’s companions and the worlds that were visited over the course of the story.

Alternate Endings:

Depending on the Exile’s alignment;

  1. they either order the destruction of Malachor V, escaping before it is destroyed, and travel into the Unknown Regions in search of Revan (light side)
  2. Remain on Malachor V as the new Dark Lord of the Sith (dark side)

Game Mechanics:

Nothings changed from the first KOTOR game so I ask that you just look over that review instead of us just reposting ALL the information again.


Much like the first game the characters are very well written and fleshed out, and we are also given the return of past characters from the first game as well. I’ll list a few;

The Jedi Exile (despite player choice on gender CANON they are female): She is a brave jedi, who led Revan’s forces during the Mandalorian wars. She defied the council to follow what she thought was right, and was the only one to return and face punishment for her actions as a general and what she did on Malachor. She has her connection with the force severed and rendered a normal human; in the flashback where this is done, she also had to give up her lightsaber (we highly recommend you do what we did and stab it into the statue in the councils chambers as one final act of defiance to them). Long story short she is a power woman who is haunted by her actions during the war, and KOTOR II is about her redemption as a hero and more importantly a proud jedi of the republic and all the stand for.

Darth Nihilus: A new lord of the sith who has to committed himself to the darkside it has literally consumed him, and he is just a ghost inside of a cloak. His only way of communication is by wearing a mask to be his new face, and quiet growls only understandable through the force. He isn’t a just a ghost though his is literally a darkside plague sucking the life out of planets and people where he goes leaving them barren and lifeless.

Darth Sion: Another Sith lord a powerful spirit trapped inside a broken body kept alive only through the force. His very existence is torment and his goals are only two to seek power and conquest, and to find someway to kill himself. His anger and connection to the darkside beginning in the Mandalorian wars much like Nihilus as a wounded soldier. Either his pain ends or he will make the whole Galaxy suffer the pain as he does.

Darth Traya: A one handed mystery who for most of the game masks as your new teacher and mentor. She becomes linked to the Exile both weakening her for a time and restoring both their connections to the force.

Bastila Shan: Revan’s love interest from the last game, depending on the light side or darkside choice her path is VERY different.

Canderous Ordo: The former gruff, selfish, and tough Mandalorian mercenary teamate from the first game. Now he is Mandalore: The Preserver leader of the Mandalorian people and attempting to unite the scattered mandalorian clans. To make them a united people again like they were during the wars years ago.

HK-47: Revans Loyal assassin droid having had his memory of his time with Darth Revan wiped, now serving the jedi Exile on her journey to save the galaxy.

Revan: The hero of the last KOTOR game, now having mysteriously disappeared after one apparent final journey with most of his companions from the last game. Will you find out what has happened to him only time will tell.

ETC: And many many more wondrous characters fleshed out in this game.


Now I know what your thinking “but game-locke this review seemed to short?” and you’d be right. We’re at the end with the final verdict because nothing really changed with this game it kept the same perfect model as the last. It’s a great example of how to do a proper sequel without taking away any of the series magic. Hence forth the shorter review with less to talk about so heres the final verdict a stunning 9.5/10 just falling slightly off the mark of the first KOTOR game because it was to afraid to really branch out with anything new and focused to much and staying the same. We love it for doing that, but a sequel is supposed to keep what you loved from the last installment improve it, and branch out with new ideas.

After another great review we move to the final installment in just a few hours of Count down to Star Wars, with DAY 5 Star Wars: Battlefront