Count Down Too Star Wars Final Day 5: Star Wars Uprising

star-wars-uprisingA long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

One man stepped up to do a count down series for when he saw star wars Ep. 7 The Force Awakens.

He brought force onto page and wrote/typed up four count down game reviews, and now has reached the final moment.

Much deliberation was put into picking what this final game should be, it had to be something catchy and BIG. The battlefront game was considered…however this man had no actually played that enough to give it a proper review…

So after mediating with with force a new title was chosen Star Wars Uprising, now come for one last time to see the count down reach it destination. 

Plot (Chapter I & II):

Set shortly after the events of Return of the Jedi, Imperial Governor Adelhard of the Anoat Sector refuses to release his grip, instead locking down the sector to prevent all incoming and outgoing space traffic to keep everyone within and allow him to maintain an iron rule. He refuses to accept the death of Darth Vader and Palpatine as the fall of the Empire, keeping Palpatine’s death under wraps. As the Rebel Alliance only has a small presence in the sector, smugglers, assassins, crime lords, nobles and crime cartels form their own rebellion against Adelhard.

You and your older sister are smugglers who are trying to escape the Anoat system. In Chapter 1, a smuggling job goes up when you have to blow up a stash of valuable crystals to escape after the Empire catches you. You quickly find your selves working in the service of another smuggler named Happy whose crystals you blew up. Happy sends you on jobs to help you gain connections and materials you need for one “BIG” score on an Imperial Vault which is where all the contraband caught in the blockade has been going. After racing and gun slinging across 5-6 planets, you finally get everything you need to take on that vault…after you kill a few Imperial Captains guarding it. Once you make your final raiding run on the vault after 4 past raids you find a single message from Princess Leia telling the truth the blockade is trying to hide…the Emperor and Darth Vader are death and its time to rise up against the Empire. This is a pandoras box however because minutes after obtaining this information and transmitting it to your sister and Happy, Commander Bragh and his Purge Troopers swoop in a start to “Purgh” the information. Purge Troopers treat the information like a plague and literally purge everyone who could possibly know about it, including everyone those people know are have come into contact with scorched earth policy. Now after they attacked Happy’s base you and your sister on the run from the Empire.

Enter Chapter 2, you and your sister have escaped to the Cloud City on Bespin to hide and regroup from the Empire whose hot on your tails. Commander Bragh wants you dead for knowing the truth and he won’t stop until you are, you need to start making alliances and getting the truth out there if your going to survive. So you start helping a hutt take over districts on Cloud City from rival gang lords building up a reputation and skill set that will make you desired by the 5 possible factions you can join the game now. Its survival time and the clock is ticking.


Players can create avatars and are able to purchase skills and upgrades. They can amass a crew to assist them in battles. The game can be played by up to four players. Playable classes include the Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Rebel Guerilla, Diplomat, Gambler.

Players will begin Star Wars: Uprising as a smuggler targeted by the Galactic Empire, which catches the smuggler transporting contraband in the Anoat sector. The smuggler is put on the run, and the player learns how to fight and flee from Imperial forces.

The player begins missions that allow them to go on new smuggling and recovery operations, as well as to begin creating a crew of characters. According to Kabam executive Aaron Loeb, players are able to create the kind of Star Wars hero that they want to be. The game also includes large-scale, staged sector battles that players can take part in with other player.

Bonus Info:

Star Wars: Uprising was first announced on June 4, 2015. The game was developed by Kabam, guided by senior VP Aaron Loeb, in collaboration with Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company. Kabam designed the game to evolve throughout gameplay, with staged events that bring players into sector battles that allow players to engage in real-time battles with fellow players. The game’s story is part of the canon storyline between Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.

A star wars fanboy will love this game, it just offers so much like story, at least 4 races (more on the way, and your sisters appearance is differently effected by your race since your blood siblings). The missions while repetitive and not really ever taking a new direction with its layout and formula still offer an enjoyable distraction. Assembling your own crew of minons to go on side missions and get resources, reputation, more crew mates, and armor/weapons great. And my favorite special events where is you’ve and other players caused enough trouble around this certain planet (usually takes about 4-7 days), a star destroyer will arrive and you raid it, while looking for the greatest prize off all the Stormtrooper armor drop it tempts you with by telling you this is the only places to find it (or at least thats what I’m doing…I REALLY WANT THE HELMET). Although I no longer care, because with the lastest expansion Chapter 2 and to celeberate episode 7 coming out they did a free event that rewarded players with a free set of Scout Stormtrooper armor that can be worn over your armor without taking it off to replace. Its a comsetic unlock that works for your other playable characters to, you also don’t need the gear for it just the unlock (it even encourages you to scrape the items to get the helpful crafting materials. While not as amazing as the normal Stormtrooper or Snowtrooper helmets I do enjoy it and have satisfied my deisre for Trooper armor.

However despite its good sides their is of course MANY flaws with this game, which is fine since it isnt even a year old yet. Some of the flaws lie in the basic downside of ALL freemium games. One being limited missions, yes you can hop from planet to planet doing story missions, but only once and then you must wait a 4-24 hours for certain missions to unlock again, which becomes very annoying because you can’t progress because no other missions besides the respawn side missions and story offer experience or armor drops. Armor rating is another thing level is nothing compared to armor rating, it literally stone walls you if your rating of armor and weapons is to low to unlock the higher difficulty missions that offer the more credits, EXP, rare item drops and crafting materials. All story missions are completely level depended and you can’t proceed without them its always ONE level ahead of you to. A special currency material called Chronium that you can pay real money to buy impossible mind blowing stuff in game (like a limited event green RW model astromech droid for your crew…that I couldn’t buy because I refuse to spend money on freemium honey pot), you can find this material in game for free but its in “why bother” quantities. And this is the biggest one of them all real consequences for failure once you get to a high enough ranking more and more crew side missions get a red skull that means if they fail one of them is going to either be captured or killed and it goes out of its way to tell you their gone forever!!! It also costs 150 Chroinum to buy another character slot to make a 2nd and 3rd characters.


This is a fun game, in all honesty is really JUST an ok game and for that we give it a score of 6.5/10. And so ends count down to star wars week. We will be doing another one of these everytime a star wars movie comes out so wait for the next 5 games the week Rogue One comes out.