Darkness Radio and the Army of Darkness

Tinfoil MillinerI have returned to radio for my listening pleasure…. sort of.   I never truly gave up on radio.  Because it doesn’t require shuffling, selecting or searching, it’s what I listened to while in the car or at my job.  Working at night as I tend to do it’s also nice to know there is someone else awake in the world, but this is different.  I have found a radio program I am actually addicted to.
The program is called Darkness on the Edge of Town (like the Bruce Springsteen song) or Darkness Radio for short.  Myself and MANY other members of the Army of Darkness listen nightly for all kinds of subjects.  My personal favorite is Monday Para-share where they take phone calls and read emails from listeners who have had their own encounters with the unexplained. There is also True Crime Tuesday and then there are vampires, werewolves, the un-dead and all kinds of other things the rest of the week.
As a teenager, when I would come home late my mother would be listening to Coast to Coast AM and that show still exists.  For those who don’t know Coast to Coast is a program which doesn’t start until very late at night or early in the morning.  The subject matter is frequently UFOs, Bigfoot or ghosts.  sometimes they would have psychics.  My mother would especially listen to these.  I don’t think she believed, but I do think she WANTED to believe.  I remember she put a glass of water in front of the radio for one psychic who was somehow going to energetically charge glasses of water for the listeners.  so as i said that show still exists and it is on radios stations all over the world and on the internet,
For me Darkness Radio is now an even better version of this.  The hosts Dave Schrader, better known to listeners as Darkness Dave, who also occasionally hosts Coast to Coast and has been on A&Es Paranormal State, and Tim Dennis, who plays some great musical bumpers between segments, are the real deal.  They approach the subject from a skeptics point of view and ask the right questions and I have even heard them just stop interviews and have even debunked at least one interviewee.  The show is funny and interesting and often even introspective.
Just my two bits and to be clear.  I believe in Ghosts.  I have seen heard and felt their presence. does that mean they aren’t a figment of my imagination?  no, they might be.  I am open to a belief in UFOs but I have never seen one.  I could list these things all day Vampires… No. Bigfoot … yes.  Werewolves… no.  This is entertainment, not religion.