style pic 2 page editPeople constantly use the term fashion and are quick to be out in front of the wave of the latest trend. While others tend to go in the opposite direction in an attempt to buck the trend or go against the grain. However, there is a smaller group that stands out from the previous two, a class of person that stands out by either staying with the status quo or by strongly opposing it.

What is it that sets them apart?

It is my opinion that these individuals have a very strong sense of personal style, they don’t see a particular article of clothing and try to adapt themselves to fit into it. Rather they have accepted their complexion and body type and find clothes that suit and compliment instead of the other way around. Therefore, how ever they are dressed they appear comfortable and exude confidence which is the basis to being able to rock that shit.

Being up to date with the latest fashion trends or being a fashion antithesis will do you no good if you do not have one ounce of personal style.