Game-Lock Ace Attorney Series Review: Part 3

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and TribulationsAceAttorney Pic

Hello and welcome jury to the court of games, it’s I judge Game-Locke presiding once again. We are here yet another look at the Ace Attorney series in its third installment. Trials and Tribulations one i’m told the defense has eagerly been waiting for sense we started this long case. As always they will handle the goods parts of the game, and the Prosecution, then I’ll give the final judgment of wether this is a good or bad game. Like always lets us examine all of the basic facts , so nothing flies over the juries heads shall we?

Story Testimony (Warning heavy spoilers!!!):

The setting of the game takes place roughly one year after the last game, and now two and a half after the first game.

The first case, titled Turnabout Memories, is actually a prequel set five years in the past. Before the events of the first game.  Phoenix, who is still a law student is accused of murdering a man named Doug Swallow. His future mentor Mia Fey, herself only one year out of law school is serving as his defense attorney. It mirrors Phoenix’s first case rather well with Mia being nervous and less confident. Mia eventually proves that the real killer is actually Phoenix’s girlfriend Dahlia who had attempted to use him to cover up another of her murders by having him unknowingly hid a piece of evidence as a “token of her love”. When she later attempted to retrieve it from him, he refused, and she made plans to murder Phoenix. She ended up killing Mr. Swallow after being caught in her efforts to obtain a murder weapon. She is found guilty and in a thrilling court case, which inspires Phoenix to be the kind of lawyer Mia is, and never give up on his client no matter the hopelessness.

In the second case, roughly about half a year after the previous game’s conclusion, Phoenix defends a man named Ron DeLite against robbery and, later, murder charges. Ron is initially charged with being Mask☆DeMasque, a master thief; Ron asserts that he is Mask☆DeMasque but did not commit the robbery. Phoenix unveils that a detective Luke Atmey posed as Mask☆DeMasque to pull off the robbery, clearing Ron of the robbery charges. However, they are shocked to find that Ron’s alibi makes him the prime suspect in the murder of the CEO of a security firm that occurred at the same time. Phoenix proves that Atmey committed the murder, and then falsified evidence to create an alibi allowing him to avoid the murder charge through double jeopardy. During the trial, Phoenix faces off with a mysterious new prosecutor who wears a visor and drinks a large amount of coffee; Prosecutor Godot. Despite this being their first meeting it becomes evident that Godot has some kind of grudge against Phoenix and refuses to show him any respect by purposely calling him “Trite”. He even claims to have returned from the depths of hell to crush Phoenix.

In the third case,  we see the return of a character from the last game Maggey Byrde, who is once again accused of murder.  Only problem is Phoenix has apparently already lost the case….wait WHAT! Yes without ever knowing it, a man has impersonated Phoenix Wright in court and purposely gave a poor defense. Requesting a retrial, Phoenix discovers that the murder was committed by a loan shark, Furio Tigre, in an attempt to get a computer virus from his victim. This virus would have allowed him to pay off  a large amount of money that he indebted to the Mofia. Tigre had framed Maggey as the murderer, and posed as Phoenix in court to cover his tracks. Ultimately, Phoenix turns things around and tricks Tigre into admit his guilt, by having him say he saw a key piece of evidence he could have if he was innocent.

The in the fourth case, we return to Mia again working alongside her new fellow lawyer Diego Armando. She defends Terry Fawles in the murder of Valerie Hawthorne, his girlfriend Dahlia’s stepsister. All three of them had formed a fake kidnapping plan, but Fawles was betrayed by the others, and framed him for the entire crime. He escaped from jail and attempted to meet with Valerie, but Dahlia murdered Valerie to tie up lose ends and framed Fawles again for it. Despite her best efforts Mia is almost able to free her client and implement the real killer Dahlia , but he consumes poison out of a sick guilt manipulation from Dahlia. A few months later Armando sets up a meeting with Dahlia at the courthouse. In which she poisons Armando instead, apparently killing him. To hide the evidence, she passes the bottle she carried the poison in to Phoenix, who happened to be visiting the courthouse at that time, setting the stage for the first case.

In the final case, a nun named Iris is accused of murdering Mia and Maya’s long lost mother. Phoenix uncovers a plot to kill Maya using the summoned spirit of Dahlia Hawthorne. To save Maya,  Godot kills Misty, who had been channeling Dahlia. Iris is charged with this murder, and since Phoenix is recovering from injuries, he has Edgeworth and partially Franziska to initially defend Iris as he recovers. The trial eventually reveals that Iris is actually Dahlia, who was channeled by Maya into her body to prevent Dahlia from being channeled by anyone else while protecting herself. The entire plan was concocted by Morgan Fey (whose revealed to be her mother, making Iris and Dahlia Pearls older half sisters) while both were incarcerated. In yet another attempt to remove Maya as the head of Kurain Village, and Pearl in charge instead. Dahlia is exorcised from Maya’s body, and the real Iris is found safe, cleared of murder charges but responsible for other acts committed as an accomplice to Misty’s murder. Than in a shocking revelation Godot reveals himself as Diego Armando, having been put into a coma by Dahlia’s poison. His hatred for Phoenix who he blames for not protecting Mia (whom he was in a relationship with) from being killed finally comes into the light. But after witnessing Phoenix’s drive to protect Maya, Godot lets go of his hate for him.  Iris then reveals that she had posed as Dahlia while Phoenix was dating her, in an attempt to retrieve the evidence in the first case, preventing Dahlia from killing him to retrieve it. Also admitting that she did in fact love Phoenix despite originally only acting to help her sister. With the truth exposed Godot starts to bleed stream of blood which he calls his tears (its established that the poison  not only dyed his hair white, but made him unable to see without his visor which still can’t make him to see the color red). Before being taken away Godot does two final things; (1) He gives Maya the tip he gave Mia “the only time a lawyer can cry is when it’s all over” and (2) After finally saying his name correctly shares one last cup of coffee with Wright and they both state it was the best coffee they have ever had.

Defense (Good parts):

Your honor my client continues to repeat the same good deeds from its last game, plus a few extra ones as well. All in all rounding out to being one of the best sequels to a thriving series. We’ll stick with our format from the last game starting with characters, setting, gameplay and finally theme.

The characters are simply amazing in this game none are who the appeared to be on the surface the best being Godot himself…First I need to say this no other video game character has ever made me put as much thought into the game as Godot has. In every case he has out of nowhere a cup of coffee slid down to him from other side of his desk when no one is their. Are theory is their is a spring loaded coffee machine that fills the cups for him just off screen and slides them down to him lol. But seriously Godot is so great because his life is tragedy itself. He is a man whose haunted by his past, for not being able to save the woman he loved, and he makes Phoenix the focal point for all his anger. The pain from his old life to great he’s driven to become someone else, someone who will never lose again Godot. And after finally letting go of his pain and hate he becomes his old self again in the end as he bleeds from his visor, which he calls tears because he can no longer see the red color of blood.

Every one of Phoenix’s rivals has left a lasting effect on him Edgeworth inspired him to be a attorney, Franziska instilled a stronger sense of justice in him, and now Godot has shown its never to late to save someone, and that you should never stop trying.

Now for setting the setting is 2 1/2 years after the first Ace Attorney game. Still again in LA (US localization) and Tokyo (Japanese localization). Phoenix has adjusted is now in his absolute prime as a defense attorney truly showing how far he’s come since the very first game in Ace Attorney One. And of course his partners Maya Fey and Pearl Fey help keep him grounded.

The theme this time is of the past and how every action you make can have lasting effects and consequences. Their are many grudges held for the Fey family, and even Phoenix across the game. Hold a grudge to long or give into it and your going to pay for it. Godot despite having his soul saved by Phoenix and returning to his old self is still sent to prison because he gave into his anger and killed Dahlia.

Prosecution (Bad parts):

Three games into the series getting harder to find whats wrong they have this down to a formula now almost. But it didn’t bring anything new to the table this time in terms of gameplay everything else basically stayed the same. Which isn’t what you want in a sequel its always better to have something even if its small.

 The cases themselves were scaled down in difficulty some of them almost felt handed to the player.

Wasn’t really enough Phoenix in the game.


You’ve both given me much to think about, for this games pros and cons…After considering all the information provided it is my judgment that this is in fact a good game once again, and an amazing end to a trilogy. The full judgment for this game is a solid  9/10. Next time Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice…wait you mean Phoenix isn’t the main character anymore?

Personal Thoughts:

This is my favorite Ace Attorney game in the whole series, I absolutely love it. The gameplay brought nothing new to the table, but playing it for the plot and characters has left me more than satisfied. I enjoyed all the cases and new characters, Godot is my favorite character in the series now. As always the soundtrack was perfect. The game tied up all loose ends, and brought good closure to the trilogy.