Game-Locke Ace Attorney Series Review: Part 2

Court is in Session: Honorable Judge Game-Locke is presiding


Welcome jury to the court of games, it’s judge Game-Locke once again. We shall dive into the second installment in the Ace Attorney series. I’ll be listening and examining the arguments presented by the Defendant (Good parts of game), and the Prosecution (Bad parts of the game), then I’ll give the final judgment of wether this is a good or bad game. Like last time before we start lets examine all of the basic facts , so nothing flies over the juries heads shall we?

Story Testimony (Warning heavy spoilers!!!):

The setting for the game takes place roughly one year after the events of the first game (based on the ages of the returning characters), and again in Los Angeles, California.

The first trial of the game involves Phoenix getting amnesia after being hit on the head by the trial’s flamboyant and arrogant witness, Richard Wellington. Thus, he is forced to defend Maggey Byrde, a policewoman who has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, with no memory of the case. However, with help from Byrde, and later Maya Fey, Phoenix regains his memory and deduces that Wellington is the true murderer.

In the second trial, set before the first trial, Phoenix goes with an irritable man named Dr. Turner Grey looking to request a spirit channeling from Maya Fey, Phoenix’s friend, former assistant, and spiritual medium, at the Kurain Village. However, the doctor is murdered during the spirit channeling, and Maya is arrested on suspicion of murder. While defending her, Phoenix faces the prosecutor Franziska von Karma, the daughter of the legendary Manfred von Karma, who has never lost a case and has come to America to defeat Phoenix in court. Phoenix discovers that the doctor’s death was plotted by a nurse who once worked under him and Maya’s aunt, Morgan Fey, who sought to displace Maya as the Master of Kurain Village to allow her own 8-year-old daughter, Pearl Fey, to take the title instead. After the case, Maya and Phoenix decide to take care of Pearl.

During the third case, a popular magician of the Berry Big Circus named Maximillion Galactica is charged with the ringmaster’s murder. During the investigation, Phoenix encounters some unusual witnesses, such as a clown who has difficulty making people laugh, a ventriloquist whose puppet bosses him around, and the daughter of the ringmaster, who seems to live in her own little world. Phoenix successfully defends Max against Franziska von Karma, and it turns out that the actual murderer was one of the circus’s trapeze artists, who accidentally killed the ringmaster while trying to murder his daughter as revenge for his brother.

In the fourth trial, Maya is kidnapped after a huge TV star, Matt Engarde, is suspected of murdering his media rival, Juan Corrida, and the kidnapper, the infamous Shelly de Killer, promises to let Maya go if Phoenix can get a complete acquittal for Engarde. As Phoenix investigates, he finds that Engarde, Corrida, and their managers had a complicated romantic relationship, and Engarde, a man with a secret dark side, has hired de Killer to force Phoenix to defend him in court. During the case, de Killer shoots Franziska, wounding her and forcing a new prosecutor in the case to step in: Miles Edgeworth, who had just returned to the country in time. Miles picks up on Phoenix’s unusual behavior in court and recognizes that Maya is in trouble, and helps to extend the case to give the police more time to rescue Maya. When Phoenix reveals to de Killer that Engarde has blackmail evidence on de Killer’s actions, de Killer reneges his loyalty to Engarde, promising to kill him next. Engarde, terrified by de Killer’s promise, pleads guilty in order to escape his wrath. Maya is freed and reunited with Phoenix and Pearl, while Franziska, recovering from her wounds, decides to return home now that Miles has returned. In the good ending following Engarde’s conviction, Edgeworth follows Franziska to the airport. Franziska says that she had planned to take revenge on Phoenix but failed. With Edgeworth’s encouragement, she vows to return as a better prosecutor.

Defense (Good parts):

Your honor my client continues to repeat the same good deeds from its last game, plus a few extra ones as well. All in all rounding out to a very good sequel to a thriving series. We’ll stick with our format from the last game starting with characters, setting, gameplay and finally theme.

First characters, Justice for All still deliveries a wide cast of characters that we grow with as the story progresses, while keeping the old ones as well. Phoenix for example is back and is now more confidant then he was in the first game, after proving himself as a amazing lawyer for almost two years. Maya is back as well and really coming into her own as a the head of the Fey spirit clan and Phoenix partner. Then of course we have some new faces like Pearl Fey Maya’s younger toddler cousin. Pearl is quite frankly adorable, and shes a second or back up side kick if you will for Phoenix. She’s greatly admires he older cousin Maya and hilariously thinks her and Phoenix are dating, as the story progresses the relationship between her and Maya changes to that of sisters mirroring the one Maya had in the last game with her sister Mia. Than another new face is Franziska von Karma, and yes her last name is familiar she’s the daughter of now shamed Prosecutor Von Karma who tried to have Edgeworth framed for murder from the last game. Franzika takes up the role of new Prosecutor and rival for Phoenix in this game. Her main goal is to crush Pheonix in court for how he shamed their family name when he beat her father and his undefeated record. She has a BIG temper and is which to lash out both metaphorically and literally with her whip she keeps on person. As the game progresses she begins to lighten up a bit as a person, to becoming slightly better at the end.

Now for setting the setting is as stated about 1 1/12 years after the first Ace Attorney game. Set again in LA (US localization) and Tokyo (Japanese localization). Phoenix has adjusted quite well to his role as defense attorney and business partner with Maya Fey.

Gameplay time now, gameplay has remained basically the same from the last game except for one thing Psyche Lockes. Using a gift from Maya Phoenix is now a magical lie detector…now stay with me here. As long as Phoenix is holding a magantama (half of a yin yang symbol only green) he’s able to see Psyche locke which are actual locks that appear around a person when they are lying and hiding a key piece of testimony Phoenix needs. You break these locks and get the person to break down, and tell the truth by using logic and information about the case/them. You have a meter of health where if you guess wrong to many times you get forced out, which is bad because thats also your court health and you can’t make anymore mistakes after that without losing the case.

Now finally lets talk about the theme. The theme of Justice for All is one about coming into age, with another heavy tone/focus on family. Family is brought up many times between throughout the game. Both positively with the bond between Mia and Maya, and the growing bond between Pearl and Maya. And negatively with the rivalry and hate Pearls mother feels for Maya’s mother for being the oldest and favorite child in the Clan, and her daughter Maya taking the position as head.

Prosecution (Bad parts)

OBJECTION!!! Your honor the defense once again is trying to blind side you with good parts when in fact still ignoring the bad.

Lets talk about these “new” characters he’s so proud to talk about shall we. I have a new character who is absolutely terrible and will be a constant annoyance for the rest of series that each game you hope she dies at the end (a bit dark but necessary)  I am of course talking about “Old Bag” and yes thats her name. She is a rude, loud, unhelpful, annoying, old, C-word in the games. When she’s not yelling at poor Phoenix for just doing his job, shes creepily hitting on Edgeworth. The fact she is in every game since the first and still continues to be a here is a crime in of its self.

Now gameplay is a bit basic not changing much from the last game, but the psyche locke feature takes some getting used to.

And thats about it unfortunately its getting harder and harder to find things wrong with theses game your honor.


You’ve both given me much to think about, both present valid points for this games pros and cons…After considering all the information provided it is my judgment that this is in fact a good game once again, and a decent second chapter. The full judgment for this game is a solid  7.5/10