Game Locke Series Review: Tales From The Borderlands (Part 2)

Tales From The Borderlands Ep.2: Atlas Mugged



The story picks up directly seconds after the amazing cliffhanger of Handsome Jack’s ghostly return. Humorously continuing with Rhys being the only one who can actually hear or see Jack, after getting freaked out by this Rhys goes to the second floor to get some air while the others continue looting the Atlas facility…Also remember that guy we mentioned sleeping in the stasis pod well, let just say so mistakes were made and Fiona goes all amateur surgeon on him with a spork, to get his security unlocking eyeball.

Handsome Jack than has some…words with Rhys being just as confused as he is wondering what the hell’s going on and who Rhys is. He than laughs when he sees the Hyperion patch on Rhy’s clothes and thinks he work for Jack. Jack than tries to kill him after misunderstanding Rhys saying he’s dead as a death threat. He his than very confused when his hands just pass through Rhy harmlessly when he tries to strangle him. It is than that Jack starts to believe he really is dead and he doesn’t take the news well.

After this major revelation, a new threat emerges as the group needs to quickly escape from the bunker before two giant blasts from Helios station locked onto Rhy almost kill them. Luckily a character we didn’t mention last time “Loader bot” (massive construction robot made by Hyperion, who saved Rhys and Vaughns lifes from bandits in ep. 1) returns and pulls them all out in time. Than it becomes a made race to escape the blasts from killing them in their car just barely outrunning them. But out heroes just can’t catch a break when they piss off a massive monster who begins to chase them as well and tear off the back part of the car. Luckily with Jack’s help Rhys time it perfectly so it is killed by one of the blasts, unfortunately an accident happens and sends Rhy flying out the ripped open hole in the car. Vaughn grabs him into time, but only to get dragged out his his best friend. In slow motion Fiona tries in vain to grab Rhy by the legs but only ripping off one of his boots instead as he and vaughn both fall out of the speeding car the opening credits blasting with this episodes special song “Kiss the sky” playing during it.

After getting separated the girls return to their hometown from the first episode to get supplies and hopefully meet back up with their friends at another Atlas building that the map showed them had the other half of the hexagon puzzle called the “gortys project” that when complete will open a vault for them.

Rhys and Vaughn wake up a few minutes in the middle of nowhere after they feel out of the car with a bunch of is random junk to. They than try to form a plan, and fail to get help from their friend on Helios station (she sent them loader bot the first time). Than theirs a hilarious scene that shows that despite being a stereotypical nerd Vaughn actually has six pack abes that he apparently got from using the cardio bike in his office. And Jack returns giving you the option to reveal him to Vaughn, something which Jack strongly disagrees with. If you do tell him, and convince him your not crazy Vaughn picks it together that Jack is actually a perfect AI copy of Handsome Jack that was taken a few years before he died, and storage on the ID chip Rhy used in episode one (it belonged to a character who was obsessed with making Jack immortal). Than unfortunately  Vasquez shows up again pissed, and tires to kill them both. Rhys using his cyber implants to hack multiple objects around them (including the gun Vasquez is holding) to distract him while he and Vaughn make a run for it eventually getting saved by a flying loader bot again who gives them the option of either meeting up with the girls again or heading straight for the Altas building ahead of them. Its better storywise to meet up with the girls again.

Back to the girls again who’ve just made it back to their hometown, and wanting to get their things and the car fixed as soon as possible to meet up with the guys again. Deciding to get the car fixed first the girls run into one of the best past game character cameos in this whole game Mr. “Catch a ride!” himself Scooter (he’s the guy who makes all the cars used in the the other borderlands games). And he is a saint helping the girls not only fix the car, but taking a beating for them from two bounty hunters looking for them. The girls than leave Scooter to fix the car, and head back to their old hideout.

At their old hideout they find painful reminders that Felix betrayed them, and they also find two gifts he left them. Fiona’s being an upgrade for her single shot pistol that turns it into an elemental weapon (fire, acid, etc bullets), and Sasha’s being a weird stop watch. Than the bounty hunters break in capture them, but get knocked out after one wanting to show how macho he is lets Fiona shot him not realizing her gun is an elemental weapon and getting his face scarred from it  (you have the option to either use fire, thunder, or acid on him all of which leave a different kind of HUGE scar on his face).

Than on the way back to Scooters a mysterious figure (if you’ve played the pre sequel you’d know that its the vault hunter character Athena) chasing after them for some god unknown reason. Almost catching them until Loader bot comes in once again at the right time (thats like his super power in this game) and throws Athena FAR away from them.  The game than reunites back at Scooter and they head over to the city where the Atlas base is.

Once there the group need to solve a puzzle to unlock the hidden entrance to the building, where they are treated to the fact that Atlas has been single handily destroyed by Athena who at somepoint in the past just slaughtered everyone in the building. But before the group can do anything else Vasquez shows up again with the bounty hunters and the middle man from the deal August working for the Kingpin of Pandora “Vallory” the same person Felix said in his goodbye video would now be coming for them.

The group is separated two one with Fiona and one with Rhys each having to follow a hallway with their specific piece of the goretzy core (which its established is DNA locked to them now and only they can touch them without getting zapped). Along the way their are two conversation with Fiona and Rhy. Fiona listens to a creepy conversation with how August still clearly likes her sister (who in ep one pretended to like him for the deal). And a hilarious one with Rhys and Vasquez who reveals hes a massive fan of Jack’s, and Handsome Jack (who has been off and on saying Vasquez is giving him deja vu) finally remembers where he knows Vasquez from. Years ago when Jack was still in charge of Hyperion he’d punch a young salaryman Vasquez in the face literally everytime they got face to face with each other in a room, and than he’d stuff money underneath his wig which he than nicknamed “Wallet head” LOL.

Than just as the two two groups make it to the end of their hallways everyone but Fiona and Rhys get locked out of the final massive room. But just to let them know their not safe Vasquez puts a gun to Vaughn’s head as a threat to them. After talking the two than put their pieces into a half circle device that comes together and completes the Gortez core and activities the security and unleashes a bunch of automated killer robot security. And the episode ends after giving you the choice of letting Jack take control of your body and the robots for a few seconds, or trusting Fiona when she says she has a plan.


Episode continued to offer a satisfying story, while also having great character moments. Jack’s random threats and jokes are hilarious in episode, and Scooter cameo was great. The visuals were once again great and had an ok puzzle to solve. We didn’t get much flashes to the future again like last episode one, but that was fine it offered more of the relevant story. Once again the opening credits song was perfectly timed. I’d give this a 8/10. Two down three more to go, and than one final overall retrospect of the entire game left.


Once again heres our play through of the episode: here