Hugh Jackman expected to make belligerent public outburst

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Sources tell our Hollywood insiders that Hugh Jackman, the Australian born heartthrob and star of X-Men and Wolverine series, is the next big star likely to make a belligerent public outburst. Critics and fans both agree, that with the overwhelmingly successful response to the summer blockbuster X-Men Days of Future Past, Jackman is long overdue to either snap at the paparazzi, take a swing at a tabloid reporter, leave a drunken late night voice mail that goes viral on the internet or text a picture of his penis to an underage Brazilian super model.

If this occurs before November of this year, Jackman could be a candidate to receive the Belligerent Performer of the Year Award.

Last years recipient and Jackman’s co star, Michael Fassbender spoke to Realistic Industries earlier this week, “Hugh and I went out for a few drinks after the latest X-Men filming wrapped last year, he had gone over his limit and was beginning to slur his words, I tried to get him to make a pass at the bartender in the hopes that he would be shut off and make a scene,” said Fassbender. “I didn’t want to push him too hard, because I received the award last year and felt I could inadvertently be nominated agaRuss &Hughin for instigating an outburst. It’s best if these things come naturally.”

A representative from Jackman’s camp released this statement today:

Hugh is honored just to be considered, but would be greatly honored to bring the coveted award back to Australia again. ( He is referring to the four year streak of Australian actors receiving the award. Mel Gibson won the title two years consecutively, followed by Russell Crowe and Gibson returned to win a third time the following year.)

Christian BaleThe Belligerent Performers guild also announced that Christian Bale shall be the youngest recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, and is scheduled to make a speech at the ceremony. A speech that is expected to be interrupted by Kanye West for being snubbed for a nomination over the past ten years.


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