Impromptu tribunal at local Walmart determine mother’s disciplinary methods ineffective.

Temper-TantrumsShortly following a toddler’s unprovoked outburst at the checkout line of a suburban Walmart, a group of middle to near retirement aged women  quickly jumped into action, tossing aside their purchases in order to form an emergency tribunal to determine the legitimacy of the mother’s disciplinary methods regarding her unruly child.  Suggestions of more effective methods were heavily discussed ranging from threatening to leave the child at home for the next 4-6 shopping trips, an impending earlier bedtime, an indefinite embargo on the child’s favorite snacks and an inevitable notification to the paternal authorities also known as the “wait until your father gets home” initiative.
Referring to their own children’s behavior as proof of their authoritative expertise, these women adjourned to continue their shopping until their services were further needed at occurrences such as public breastfeeding outbreaks and pre-school allergy awareness meetings.