Mike Trout Discouraged to Learn MVP trophy just for show

Minneapolis, Minnesota-

Los AnMike Troutgeles Angels of Anaheim outfielder, Mike Trout told us today that he was “really bummed” to learn that the crystal baseball bat he received for winning the Most Valuable Player award could not be used in a real baseball game. Crystal Bat

“I was so excited to receive the award for playing the game that I love, among so many players, that I have looked up to as heroes over the years, “said Trout. “But to find out that the trophy was just for show? What the f#@%? It’s light, it has great balance with the right pitch, I know I could take the ball downtown. I won a car too. Can I drive it? Or is that just for show as well?”

The young All Star told us that he had intended to “bust it out” at the next Angels home game, but after learning that the crystal bat could so easily shatter, will instead be calling his contractor to build yet another display shelf in his giant trophy case.

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