Paul Wilson of Wilson Scenic arts and murals

Every artist sees the world in their own unique way.

Some artists, have the ability to express this perspective to the rest of us, through their work. Paul Wilson of Wilson Scenic definitely falls into this category. His talent ranges in themes from Polynesian Tiki bar art, to vintage horror and sci-fi movie style poster graphics. He’s got a keen sense for portraits but can easily sketch out a humorous comic strip reminiscent of political satire or the Sunday morning funnies, and his landscape murals are incredible.

He has designed and painted landscapes for both residential and commercial buildings and some of his work can be seen at the Museum of Science in Cambridge and Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Most recently he has been working with the Scenic Artists Union providing a backdrop for locally filmed motion pictures.¬†When he’s not dressing and building sets around greater Boston on movies like “The Town” or “The Departed” he’s available for custom work such as landscape murals, and graphic design.

His contact information and more of his work can be found at the link below.

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