Helpful Hints: Pitchfork Maintenance

Remember a tool is only as good as the maintenance you provide.PItchforks hanging

There are many uses for a pitchfork, pitching hay comes to mind.  One does not need an especially sharp pitchfork for this, but one never knows when a local mad scientist will reanimate the corpse of a mad man who then roams the countryside killing innocent men women and children.  If this happens and your pitchfork is not sharp don’t come crying to my chateau looking for help.

Pitch Forks

To sharpen a pitchfork one should first place each individual spine in a vice and using files and stones sharpen them to a fine point. remember to use oil but leave the rest of  the spine rusty for effect.

When choosing a pitchfork please remember there are many different styles. my preferred style incorporates a handle at the base of the shaft which greatly increases the thrusting power one can exert on a overlord.


Coming up next week: I will extol the virtues of the guillotine.


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