Scenes unlikely to be seen in the new Star Wars

George Lucas More scenes George Lucas attempted to add to the original Star Wars trilogy

With fans of the ever expanding Star Wars universe patiently awaiting the release of “The Force Awakens” in December of 2015, executives at Lucasfilm have announced that the original trilogy was in danger of being re-released, updated, and extended yet again to include even more scenes to make the story more appealing to today’s audience, add more realism and ¬†give the characters more depth. Rumors on multiple internet fan sites have been having a field day as to the content that was to be included. Many sources have confirmed that most of the additions nearly occurred in Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back particularly focusing on the opening scenes that take place on the ice planet of Hoth.

Realistic Industries Entertainment department have compiled this list of scenes from several reputable sources close to insiders at the Lucas ranch.

  1. One of the scenes to have been added would include the Rebellion diligently plowing snow and salting ice out from the front entrance of the hidden base to ensure the fleets safe escape from the Empire’s bombardment.
  2. Another scene where the Snow troopers battle hand to hand with Han Solo while wearing ice skates ending with our hero giving one menacing troop a vicious hip check against the wall and skating away onto the Millennium Falcon.
  3. Luke Skywalker finds his departure from the frozen planet delayed due to clearing the snow off of his X-Wing and waiting for the defrost to clear his front windshield before take off.
  4. Other minor scenes will take place on Lando Calrissian’s cloud city of Bespin as his technical crew easily fixes the damaged power coupling of the Millennium Falcon’s hyper-drive, but toils for hours trying to get the “check engine” light to shut off.
  5. Additions to create more inter character drama would have included a scene where Princess Leia confronts Han regarding the reason why he cleared the entire internet search history in R2-D2’s database and Han quickly retorts with why she still posts her relationship status as “it’s complicated” on her “Spacebook” profile.
  6. An alternate ending to Episode 6 “Return of the Jedi” finds Darth Vader in hot water as an interstellar courtroom battle finds the dark lord of the Sith being sued for non payment of child support.

Spoiler Alert!!

Other running themes leaked may still have a possibility of appearing in Episode 7 and we must warn anyone Falconreading this article of the possibility of a spoiler alert. Reliable sources have informed Realistic Industries that one such theme would be an aging Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon through space with his left directional constantly blinking, as well as a running joke amongst some of the younger members of the Alliance referring to Princess Leia as “Princess Cougar” or a P.I.L.F. ( a Princess I’d Like to F@&k.)